About TechLatitude

We help businesses find their way around the rapidly evolving – and often confusing – digital jungle.

Yes, that’s a fancy way of putting it, but then such is the reality of things. Without a clearly defined destination, route map and survival tools, a business is likely to get lost.

That’s where we come in.

We provide comprehensive consultancy services which span the complete lifecycle of a project or product. If you have an idea, talk to us! We will start working with you from this early stage to refine your idea and turn it into a well-researched and well-elaborated concept and beyond.


Every step of the way…


Got an idea? we will help you slice it dice it and redfine it. We will carry out of research to find out if the idea has potential to fly

strategy development

What to do next? we well develop a comprehensive strategy by answering questions like What, How, Why, When and Where


Once a solid strategy is in place we will excute with full force. Whether its Web/app development work, ......, we will ensure the highest quality


To get the word out, we will capitalize on all relevent digital marketing plateforms to convert leads into sales


We don't belive in the wait wait and see philosophy. We will utilize advanced analytics to keep a track of what were doing rights and what we need to improver


We have a strong realization and that Digital is evolving rapidly. Based on changing trends and customer feedback, we will help to evolve your product to increase itself lifecycle


Why Choose Us

Dedicated Project Teams

We understand that no two clients are the same. That is why our project team will be engaged with you from the very start to ensure high quality delivery to meet your expectations.

Quick Turn Around

Lost time is lost money. Through close coordination with you, we will eliminate any causes of delays so that your project is up and running exactly when you want it to be.

24/7 Technical Support

Expertise and agility are the strengths of our support teams. We will develop a seamless communication system with you for round the clock maintenance services to avoid down-time.

Competitive Pricing

Your return-on-investment will be at the heart of our pricing strategy. You will find our prices most competitive and we guarantee a much higher value than the price you will pay.

Our Services

Our Portfolio

Who we are

We are a new business with fresh, creative ideas about digital presence as well as life in general. What sets us apart from others is that we, the founders of TechLatitude, have been through the corporate grind for many years and in various industries including technology, manufacturing and the service industry. The three of us may be different when it comes to food and entertainment preferences but we share exactly the same business philosophy, Our client’s success is the only guarantee of our success as a business!

The way we do business

To ensure our clients success, we have a client first attitude in our company. Practically, this means making the client’s ambitions, needs and priorities our goals. For us, business is a lot more than just a commercial transaction, its an experience which needs to be equally exciting and rewarding for our clients and our team. We love to learn from our clients and we truly believe in a collaborative approach where we constantly ask the question “are we doing it right?” and we don’t hesitate to completely change our approach if the answer seems to be anything other than “hell yes!”

Our team's skills

Our team of nocturnal tech fanatics gives us the confidence to commit to complex projects which require super-human technical creativity. Our developers, designers and project managers have brought with them stacks of certifications and a wealth of practical experience to the organization and they fear no technical obstacle. The cherry on the cake is our agile recruitment process which allows us to quickly bring on board talented people if a project requires a specific skill set which we don’t already have in-house.

DESIGN (UX/UI Web & Apps)